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Design, develop and produce plastic components for medical devices or Blow Fill Seal containers. Realize your concepts.
Intravenous solutions fluids manufacturing factories. Complete equipment for entire systems to produce aseptic liquids. Projects have capability to produce many containers for injectable medicine, eye care, etc.
American Plastics Technologies, Inc, is America's Superior
manufacturer of Medical Blow-Fill-Seal machines.We combine the APT technologies of blow molding hollow containers with a process to fill and seal the package, all in one machine cycle, in a fully sterile environment. Aseptic filling and packaging of liquid materials utilizing cGMP's.
Turnkey solutions and equipment for medical and pharmaceutical
projects. Pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and syrups. Systems
to produce plastic medical devices for specimen collection, medication
delivery and other therapeutic products.
Autoclaves, hot water sterilizers, Terminal Sterilization using linear
accelerators, Medical waste disinfection or disposal. Incinerators.
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American Plastic Technologies, Inc. is America's innovative producer of high quality
Blow Fill Seal for Custom applications. APT is the design and engineering company to help
you complete numerous projects with any and every step of your project:

Engineering � Equipment � Installation � Commisioning

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Aseptic packaging on FFS/BFS Machinery and complete medical product manufacturing systems,made by American Plastics Technologies Inc. Realize your concepts.