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Intravenous Solutions are highly sought after medical products, because of their frequent use in many hospital visits or medical procedures.

We are the only company in the world that builds turnkeys for you and makes their own Blow Fill Seal machines. We have alternatives to traditional Blow Fill Seal and provide bag type of technology as well.
If you need a complete facility with building and clean rooms, we provide this for you in very expeditious manner.

Intravenous Solutions or Fluids manufacturing factories prove invaluable as local sources of production. The ease of distribution is increased from local productions facilities, which is why APT provides you full turnkey operations.

We build the overall operation with a goal of delivering quality medical products. Our manufacturing technologies and capabilities are innovative and consistently deliver valuable parenteral fluids.

Numerous opportunities, for making antibiotics, medications, respiratory, opthalmics, ORS, exist with customizable manufacturing facilities.

IV Fluid Applications: In several life threatening conditions they are the foundation of treatment. Intravenous Solutions of many types will be valuable for standard operations, chemotherapy, medication delivery, antibiotic treatment, and as a foundation of critical patient care.

A large demand for IV Solutions exists in many regions and as a key component of health care, quality is important. Through planning and financing we will deliver projects to you.

If you seek our services solely for consultation, we can support the operation from beginning to the end of the project.

There are shortages of IV Solutions around the world. To meet this demand, APT provides clients with complete turnkey factories.

Life-saving IV Medical Fluids, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices have to be produced under well controlled conditions. To meet these demands we build to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and happen to be very experienced with regulations related. If you want to have a facility that utilizes standards that the FDA or WHO set forth, contact us. Our equipment is made in the USA and we are the innovators.

We utilize Blow-Fill-Seal technology for a number of different applications. It is very efficient in making aseptic medical products.

Our experience includes a great deal of research and development for new, original and innovative products. We are the only company that builds BFS machinery with a turnkey for Intravenous Fluids Factories and other parenterals. Whether you want consulting or simply an entire project, come to us for IV Turnkeys.

We will complete your turnkey project in record time utilizing quality materials and technology.

Systems include Water Processing, Distillation, Batch-making, Quality Assurance, Auxiliary Equipment, Laboratory, etc.

Contact Us - great Return On Investment and payback period. An ideal project for investors, entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical businesses.
We would be happy to discuss with you.

American Plastics Technologies, Inc. is America's Superior Manufacturer of Medical Blow-Fill-Seal machines
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