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Modular Clean Rooms
Clean rooms are engineered and delivered to provide ease and excellence in assembly.

A number of materials are available. Please contact us to discuss further.

Various colors and wall finishes are available for you. Materials that are available for wall finishes include vinyl covered boards, painted aluminum, painted steel, PVC, Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), etc.

Wall panels feature an insulating core.

Options exist in flooring, including multilayered sealed flooring options.

Modular systems with electrical components will provide power to your much of your equipment.
Our modular systems are used for microbiology and chemistry labs. We incorporate them frequently into manufacturing operations of medical device and pharmaceuticals. They are ideal to support aseptic processing and packaging operations, which we often supply as well.

Air handling systems are provided by us to ensure your clean room is receiving HEPA filtered air or in certain cases ULPA if desired. Meeting ISO, GMP and other Class (1,000-100,000) standards.


BFS Machine

Well maintained conditions for manufacturing and total quality management start with our clean room systems.

Clean Room Turnkey
We Consult, Design, Configure, Ship, Construct and Warranty Industry Standard Clean Rooms, using the strictest Federal 20gE guidelines.

Our clean rooms are used for:

• Electronics
• Pharmaceuticals
• Micro Mechanics
• Circuit Elements
• Research
• Food Technology
• Medical Devices
• Genetic Engineering
• Laboratory
Clinics and Procedures

APT has provided clean rooms services for IV Turnkeys and many other systems with HVAC systems, both, within the US and Internationally.

Engineered clean rooms to aseptically process and packaging from American Plastics Technologies Inc. For many projects including biopharmaceuticals.
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