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Consultation for:

  • Plastic Product Design
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • System Designs and Layouts
  • Mold Design & Fabrication of Tooling
    Prototyping of Product or Container
  • Material Processing
  • Filling of Liquid Products
    Building custom machinery for different
    industry sectors
  • Small scale productions for initial testing

Engineering for many types of applications. We cover many aspects to industrial and manufacturing projects. We seek to comply with industry demands and standards, exceed them and combine ingenuity, without losing thought of the end users ability to operate.

Create your business opportunities through us, by having us engineer your solutions.

Tell us about your project and we'll give you solutions for different stages.

With decades of design, engineering, manufacturing and building experience at your disposal why not turn to us for consulting?

Planning is critical, knowledge and practical experience add depth to your plans and reduce risks

Develop your product and systems with American Plastics Technologies Inc.Realize your concepts with our design and engineering team for all your projects.
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