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Sterilizer Systems

We provide systems to ensure sterility (also known as terminal sterilization) and aseptic processing.

In addition, we have different systems to prevent medical waste from spreading infection or destroy it. We offer incinerators to dispose of infectious waste.

  • Autoclaves are useful in producing sterile items utilizing steam.

  • Hot Water systems which may sterilize your products with temperatures that are modifiable.

  • Another type of sterilization we use is known as the E Beam or Linear Accelerator, these systems are integrated into production lines and provide safety in disinfecting many types of products.






Steam In Place and Clean maintain aseptic processing conditions for pharmaceutical and biologic manufacturing. Terminal Sterilization is implemented for both pharmaceuticals products and medical devices.

We have several methods of adding them to
your project.





Medical Waste Disinfection
Autoclaves, of different sort, can be made to disinfect some medical waste products.


These systems destroy soiled or contaminated medical products from organisms or pathogens, such as Ebola, Tuberculosis, etc. Extremely valuable in limiting the spread of disease.

  • Mobile- which can be taken to the site where medical waste is accumulating.

  • Stationary- which can handle large amounts of waste from many medical centers. Entire projects involving collection.


Complete medical product and aseptic manufacturing systems, including terminal sterilization,made by American Plastics Technologies Inc. Ensure sterility.
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